7 Best Tools to Write Longer Tweets

Twitter is a famous social media and micro-blogging platform where users can write their thoughts in 140 characters, usually called as 'Tweets'. But, due to its popularity and users base, twitter users want to tweet more than 140 characters.

To those people who want to tweet longer, these tools may be helpful.

Lets see these longer tweet services,

1) TwitLonger:

One of the best service to write longer tweets.

Its a free tweet longer tool and a paid subscription is also available with more features.

A link will be given in the tweet to view our longer tweet. Very simple and easy to use.

Visit twitlonger.com to try writing longer tweets.

2) TwitPlus:

This tool is similar to TwitLonger. Sign In using your Twitter account to write longer tweets.

A tweet is tweeted with a link to a page with your long text. Very easy to tweet longer tweets.

Visit twitplus.co to use this service.

3) Twishort:

Another tool similar to TwitLonger and TwitPlus to tweet a longer tweet.

Sign In with your Twitter account to write longer tweets.

Longer tweet apps are also available to write long tweets from Android or iOS devices.

Use this service by visiting twishort.com.

4) TwitHelper:

Unlike other tweet longer tools, this tool writes your tweet on an image and sends it as a tweet.

You can choose the background image from the gallery or upload your own. Have many image filters too.

Visit twithelper.com to create longer tweet images.

5) Tall Tweets:

With this tool, you can tweet two different types of longer tweets, tweetshot and tweetstorm.

Use tweetshot to tweet a longer tweet as an image. You can even highlight the text in the image and it will be tweeted as a single tweet.

Use tweetstorm to tweet the longer tweet in consecutive tweets.

Use this service by visiting talltweets.com.

6) Tweenjoy:

I liked this tool very much. It is very easy to write longer tweets with somewhat creativity in it.

You can write longer tweet with different fonts, background colors, font sizes. The text will be tweeted as an image.

You can also add header image like you logo in the longer tweet image.

Visit tweenjoy.com to tweet longer tweet images.

7) TwLng:

Very simple and neatly designed tweet longer tool.

Simply links to your longer tweet page in the tweet and more over it has no ads, so better experience to your long tweet reader.

Visit twlng.com to tweet longer.


The best tools which are trusted by twitter users and to write longer tweets. Each tool have their own importance and features.

Now, Twitter has made few changes to a tweet's 140 characters. @names when replying, media attachments will not be included in 140 characters. Giving more room to words.

Enjoy tweeting long tweets!