7 Best Places to Search for Dog Names

Our dog will be one of the best friends in our life. Think of the time you saw your dog for the first time. Isn't it awesome? How about naming the dog with the best name to make it even more awesome. It is not an ordinary name, its the lovable name we keep to our lovable friend.

For this reason, to the dog owners and dog lovers out there, we are going to list some of the websites to find unique and top names for a dog or a puppy.

Lets see the list,

1) PetMD:

A site which is dedicated to dog and cat health.

Find the list of names and choose the best one which suits your dog. You can find male and female dog names.

Visit petmd.com/dog/male-puppy-names to search for the name.

2) BowWow:

Search the name for your dog from the site which has thousands of names for cats and dogs.

Search for male dog names and female dog names, search by type of the name, search names by appearance of the dog.

Visit bowwow.com.au/find-a-name-for-your-pet/pet-name-search to search for a name.

3) NamingDogs:

Simple site to find names for male and female dogs.

Also find names by sizes, appearance, breeds and many more. Names are updated frequently.

Visit namingdogs.com to search for a dog name.

4) PedigreeDatabase:

Its more like a classifieds ads site for dogs. Find dogs to buy or adopt.

Also find names for your dog from its big database of dog names.

Visit pedigreedatabase.com/dog_names.html to find the name.

5) DogChannel:

A site completely dedicated to dogs.

Find top female and male names for dogs, top dog names based on the breed, find top celebrity dog names and also find famous military dog names.

Find the dog name by visiting dogchannel.com/dog-names-center/.

6) Dog Breed Plus:

Find names based on various categories.

Find names for male dogs, female dogs, popular dog names, names for good dogs, cute dogs, names based on various colors of the dogs and many more.

Visit dogbreedplus.com/dog_names/ to search for the name.

7) Dog Name Guide:

Find names for the dogs with their meanings.

You can also submit the name of your dog and its meaning if you want to.

Visit dognameguide.com to look for names.


These sites are enough to find the perfect name for your dog or puppy.

If you know any other sites or unique dog names, please share with us.