9 Best Places to Find Flower Names

According to Botanists, there are about 1 Million flowers in the world. So, its hard to get names of all those flowers. In this article, we will list some of the places online where you can find flower names. Either flowers in a country, wild flower names etc. All will be listed in this article.

Lets find the names of flowers,

Flower names are categorized by Scientific names, common names, botanical families and color of the flower.

This site contains the best list of flower names. Click on the scientific name of a flower to know more about that flower.

Visit first-nature.com/flowers/ to find your favorite flower.

Another best site to find various types of flowers and their names.

You can see picture of the flower with common and Latin name of the flower, plant type and blooming time.

You have other pages to find flower names from trees, bushes, vines, aquatic and many more.

Find english flower names, French Flower names and Latin flower names and their meanings too.

You can find most of the common flower names and widely known flowers.

Another best source to find flower names with their images. You can find many flowers and their names pinned by many pinterest users.

Explore thousands of flowers.

A site to find flowers by their color, month, common names, botanical names and many more.

It features a simple list of common flowers and their names found in the world.

Visit flowers.org.uk/flowers/ to find flowers by color.

This is a list of common flowers available in US.

A neat and clearly written article about flowers with images and their sun and soil needs, height and time of blossom.

Visit proflowers.com/blog/types-of-flowers top find flowers in USA.

This site features bouquet flowers and their names.

Flowers which are commonly used in special occassions are listed in this article. Click on the flower image to find more information about the flower.

Visit teleflora.com/floral-facts/glossary-of-flowers to find the bouquet flower names.

A special place to find information about wildflowers. This list contains list of wildflowers with their common and botanical names.

You can also find their growing zones and whether they need light or not.

Visit wildflowerinformation.org/CommonListing.asp for wild flower names.

A site to find flowers categorized by color, blooming seasons etc.

Find flower names with images and details of that flower.

Visit namesofflowers.net for more info.


We have listed the best places to find the flower names of the world. We will update with more sites if possible in future.