5 Best PDF Viewers for Android Devices

Now-a-days, its simple to view PDF files on mobile devices. You can directly view them on browsers instead of using any other app. What if you want to edit or want more options other than normal viewing? In that case, you have to use these best PDF apps for android devices.

We have many PDF viewers for Android devices but these are the best and trusted by users. Below listed PDF readers are free and are loaded with features.

Lets get to the list,

When we say PDF, Adobe Acrobat Reader is the name which comes to the mind.

This is a free PDF reader app from a 'Top Developer', Adobe.

Best app to view, annotate, fill PDF forms, print, share, organize PDf files.

Users can even create a new PDF with this app.

This is a free app and can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adobe.reader&hl=en to download and install.

Not only lets you to open PDF files, but also other document formats like Word, Spreadsheets, Presentations etc.

And most important point you have to note is its 'Size'. It is about 25 MB with all those features.

If you are concerned about size on your device, then go for this Office Suite Android app.

A PDF Reader and PDF Editor from Xodo Technologies Inc. is one of the best PDF reader for Android devices.

By using this PDF viewer, you can read PDF's. Edit, Annotate, Share, Fill PDF forms and also sync with Google Drive and Dropbox.

Best PDF reader for devices running low android versions like 2.3 version and above.

This app has different reading modes and many features to read PDF files.

Please note that this app shows ads when your device is connected to internet and can only used to read PDF files and not to edit them.

Last but not least, low sized PDF viewer. It is only 3.7 MB in size.

This is a free and open source PDF viewer app which only lets the user to view PDF files with less features.

Visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=the.pdfviewer3 to download and install for free.


In my opinion, WPS Office + PDF office suite is the best to view PDF files as it has low size with other document features.

Choose your best PDF viewer for android and if you know any other PDF viewers, please let us know through comments.