4 Best Online Weight Loss Calculators with Goal Date

If you want to lose weight in specific time period or wanted to lose weight before a target date, you must use these calculators. These are the best weight loss calculators with goal date. These will calculate approximate weight you will lose by your activity levels.

Some websites even give your diet schedule and workout plans to lose weight on or before specific date.

So, lets see the list,

1) Calculators.org:

This health calculator will calculate and determine your daily calorie intake to achieve weight loss goal.

It calculates daily calories required to maintain current weight and to achieve weight goal.

To use this calculator, please visit calculators.org/health/weight-loss.php.

2) Fitwatch:

This calculator will give you an approximate time and date to lose your desired weight loss goal.

Just fill out the details and your weight loss goal number to calculate your daily calorie intake. It also has 6 different calorie deficits to calculate.

To use this calculator, please visit fitwatch.com/calculator/weight-loss-target-date.

3) LifeSpan:

Simple steps to know your daily calorie intake. Select your gender, current weight, goal weight and time period. This calculator will recommend your daily calorie intake and number of minutes to exercise.

Follow this schedule and you may reach your weight loss goal at target date.

To use this calculator, please visit lifespanfitness.com/fitness/resources/weight-loss-calculator.

4) Prokerala:

This weight loss calculator by Prokerala also calculates and gives an approximate daily calorie intake based on your age, height and current weight to attain your goal weight.

If you don't have any rush to lose weight before a target date, use 'Healthy Time Period' option to lose weight healthily.

Use this calculator by visiting prokerala.com/health/health-calculators/weight-loss-calculator.php.


These are the best weight loss calculator to lose weight on or before a target date. Listing is not in order.

Please note that we have listed them as best based on the sites popularity, available options and simplicity to calculate.

If you know any other good online weight loss calculator, please share with us.