5 Best Online USA Paycheck Calculators

Want to calculate the amount you have to give to your employer after taxes and other deductions? These few best paycheck calculators for USA may help you. Below listed payroll calculators are from trusted sources and are best from other salary calculators.

Lets see the best paycheck calculators list,

1) PaycheckCity:

A salary calculator from PaycheckCity, which lets you to find the take-home pay of your employee based on the USA state.

Fill the employee's salary information and choose the state in USA and calculate the paycheck.

Visit paycheckcity.com/calculator/salary/ to calculate net pay for free.

2) ADP Salary Paycheck Calculator:

Salary paycheck calculator from ADP.

Fill out General, Federal, State, Local and other information to calculate an approximate amount to be paid.

Visit adp.com/tools-and-resources/calculators-and-tools/payroll-calculators/salary-paycheck-calculator.aspx to use this free salary paycheck calculator.

3) SurePayroll:

A simple paycheck calculator to calculate company's payroll in just three steps.

Very easy to use, free and online calculator to minimize your calculation burden.

Visit surepayroll.com/resources/calculator/payroll/paycheck-calculator for payroll calculator.

4) eSmart Paycheck:

A free paycheck calculator tool to calculate take-home pay after taxes.

Very easy to calculate and if you register for a free account, you can save the paycheck information and manage payroll for free.

Visit esmartpaycheck.com/FreeCalculator/free_calculator.aspx for more information.

5) HomePay - Nanny Paycheck Calculator:

Very simple tool to calculate the paycheck to be given to your nanny after taxes.

If you are working as a nanny, this tool will help you to calculate your income according to your USA state.

Visit care.com/homepay/nanny-paycheck-calculator for nanny salary calculator.


These are few best payroll calculators. Use these tools to calculate the payroll or paycheck to be given to your employer.

You can find many paycheck calculators, but these are the best and trusted calculators.

If you use or know any other best paycheck calculators, please share with us.