5 Best Online Music Downloaders

There are many music lovers out there who want to download mp3 for free. For this reason, a music downloader is used to download music for free. Mp3 downloaders are similar to search engines, where they show the links of downloadable mp3 files available on internet.

In this post, we are going to list out few best music downloaders available online.

1) Trevx:

By far, this is the best music downloader on internet. It basically a search engine where it pulls the links of mp3 files to download.

With this service, people can play the searched audio file to listen online or can be downloaded to the disk.

Very simple and best mp3 downloader to search and download music for free.

Visit trevx.com to search and download music.

2) Loudtronix.me:

A place to search for music and to download for free. When searched for a song or audio file, it searches internet for sources, and displays converted links.

It also converts a YouTube video into a downloadable mp3 file.

Try this by visiting loudtronix.co.

3) Mp3juices.cc:

A music search engine to find many audio or mp3 files which can be downloaded for free. This service searches web for the searched music name and lists that file from different sources.

It also converts YouTube videos to mp3. Just search for song name or artist or type the YouTube URL of the music video.

Try this service by visiting mp3juices.cc.

4) AIOMP3:

Mp3 search engine which works similar to above listed online music downloaders. It shows the mp3 links of the searched music taken from various sources.

Try this service by visiting aiomp3.com.

5) DatMusic:

This service lets you to search and download music from large database of VK.com. But all searched or most of the songs will be available to download for free.

No ads, not many steps to search and download a song of your choice. An android app is also available for this music downloader. You can find the android app at github.com/alashow/music-android.

Try this service by visiting datmusic.xyz.


Above listed online mp3 downloaders are the best which have very easy procedure to find and to download music.

Please note that downloading licensed music for free is illegal. If you know any other services, please let us know.

Note: We are not affiliated or connected to these websites and service in any way. We are just listing these as best from other music downloaders. We do not encourage our readers to download copyrighted songs for free. Please buy copyrighted music and only download copyleft songs.