11 Best Online Color Palette Generators

Want color patterns to design a website or style home? These online color palette generators may help you. These tools will generate palettes, color combinations for designing a site or even suggests you the color palette from an image.

And if you are a color lover, want inspiration from colors, want color patterns for your projects, these sites are for you.

So, lets see these color scheme generators list,

1) Coolors:

One of the best color scheme generator in this list. Simply visit the site and click on generate to get color palette.

Get infinite color palettes or see different color palettes generated by other users.

This color palette generator is also available for iOS and Android devices.

Visit coolors.co for more information.

2) Degraeve:

Upload an image and get color palettes that matches the image.

Upload any image and get colors and their hex values of those colors.

Best suited to find color palettes to build a website based on an image.

Visit degraeve.com/color-palette/ to make a color scheme.

3) Adobe Color CC:

Color Wheel to generate color schemes from Adobe.

Use many color rule's to generate color schemes. Get HEX and RGB values of the colors to use in your designing projects.

Visit color.adobe.com/create/color-wheel/ to use this color wheel generator.

4) Paletton:

Another cool color wheel generator with different color rules.

Choose monochromatic, adjacent colors pattern, or triad or other custom rules.

This color wheel has vision simulation feature where you can make changes to gamma simulation, color blind simulation etc.

Visit paletton.com to use this color wheel generator.

5) Pictaculous:

A similar color scheme generator like Degraeve Palette generator. Upload an image to get color schemes in that image.

Very simple and clean color palette generator from image.

Visit pictaculous.com to use this image color palette generator.

6) Colourco.de:

Very simple color scheme generator with different color rules.

Just move mouse cursor to get different color schemes. You can save them in different formats too.

Visit colourco.de to use this app.

7) Materialpalette.com:

This color scheme generator is best suited to create apps. Select main colors and get different color schemes for apps or websites.

Best to create UI for an app, colors schemes for icons and text for a site etc.

Visit materialpalette.com for more info.

8) Colourlovers.com:

Name suits the site. A best place for color lovers.

You can creat your own color palatte or browse through many user generated colors schemes on the site.

Also find color palettes, color patterns suitable for wedding, fashion, digital art and many more.

Visit colourlovers.com/palettes to browse color schemes of users.

9) Palettr:

A fun place to find color schemes inspired from nature and photography.

This palette generator uses photos listed in 500px website and suggests color schemes from those images.

Very good place to see color palettes and amazing pictures at a time.

Visit palettr.com to find out more.

10) ColorDot:

This color scheme generator is similar to Colorco.de but with less options.

A color scheme generator with HEX, RGB abd HSL values, also available for iPhone.

Visit color.hailpixel.com to try this color palette generator.

11) Cohesive Colors:

An awesome generator to create cohesive color schemes.

Select random color schemes from ColourLovers site and use an overlay color to get cohesive color palette.

Visit javier.xyz/cohesive-colors/ to try this cohesive color palette generator.


Every palette generator listed here has their own importance and are best among various other generators.

Use the best generator suited for you.