9 Best Music Downloader Android Apps

Listening to music online and offline have very big difference. It is hard to listen online music always. So, there are music downloader apps for android devices to download music on to android devices. We have listed out the best music downloader android apps which can be used to download music to SD card or to the phone storage.

Lets see the list,

By far, this is the best music player and music downloader for android devices.

Well, it only a music player for free, but if you subscribe for Google Play Music service, you can download music to your android device for free.

Stream music online or download music for offline listening.

It is a music player and also a music downloader. Ad-free streaming of songs, download unlimited playlists and albums to your android device.

Amazing music downloader with sharing music feature. To download music, you have to subscribe for the service.

Download the app by visiting play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rhapsody&hl=en and visit rhapsody.com for more details.

3) Fildo:

A MP3 downloader for android devices.

It lets the user to search, listen or download songs directly to Android device.

This app is available only from their website, so visit fildo.net/android to download.

Free music and video downloader. It lets you to search music and videos in the app and download them on to your android device.

Download videos from Facebook, Instagram and other websites also.

An awesome android app which lets you to download music from internet and even from YouTube and SoundCloud.

Have many features like a feature to preview and play music while you are downloading, download many creative commons music, fast downloader and music player.

It is only available through their website. So, visit http://www.frostwire.com/android to download the music downloader app.

An open source android app to download music from VK music.

Search for the music in the app, listen to the song, share with friends or download it to your SD card.

But it only searches for music available in VK music directory.

This app is available from third party source, so visit https://github.com/alashow/music-android to download the app.

YT3 Music Downloader has very simple and good looking user-interface with accurate searching features.

This android music downloader lets you to download music or MP4 videos directly on to your android device.

Download this app by visiting yt3dl.net.

This app can be used to search for music and lets you to download copyleft music on to your device.

Download and enjoy songs offline.

Another awesome music downloader for copyleft music available on internet.

Takes less space on your phone and lets you to download music on to your device easily.

Please visit 9apps.com/android-apps/Music-Maniac-PRO-Mp3-Download to download the app.


These are few best music downloader apps for android devices. The list will be updated when we find any best music downloaders for android devices.

Note: We are not affiliated or connected to these websites and service in any way. We are just listing these as best from other music downloader apps. We do not encourage our readers to download copyrighted songs for free. Please buy copyrighted music and only download copyleft songs.