5 Best Image Locker Apps for Your Windows Mobile

It will be very awkward or embarrassing when your friends or family members see your private photos in your Windows mobile. So, to avoid those moments, you must use Photo Locker app on your Windows mobile.

We are going to list out the best Image Locker apps for Windows mobile users.

Lets begin the list,

1) Photo Lock Free:

This is the best rated and most downloaded photo lock app in Windows store. It has classic password and pattern protection, you can edit photos, video recording option is available and has many more features.

Try it by downloading it for free from microsoft.com/en-us/store/apps/photo-lock-free/9wzdncrfhz5m.

2) Secure Photo Gallery:

Protects the privacy of your photos and videos through PIN, Pattern or Password protection.

You can also import images and videos from gallery and SD Card and download them securely.

The features you have to notice are Decoy Mode, Camouflage Mode and having a Secure Browser with no browsing history.

Install it for free by visiting microsoft.com/en-us/store/apps/secure-photo-gallery/9wzdncrdp6jg from your Windows mobile.

3) Brilli Gallery Locker:

Another No.1 rated gallery locking app for Windows mobiles. It locks not only images and videos, but files and music too.

The features you have to notice are QuickShare feature to directly share files from others apps to lock, Fake PIN to use when someone forces you to open your secret files.

Please don't forget to import your images or files whatever you secured before uninstalling or deleting this app.

Install Brilli Gallery Locker by visiting microsoft.com/en-us/store/apps/brilli-gallery-locker/9nblggh2kbns.

4) Perfect Photo Locker:

Complete protection to your private photos.

Protects through three secret modes, take photos directly from the app and most importantly, you can import from Photos App, OneDrive and Facebook, export to Photos App and OneDrive.

Try it by visiting microsoft.com/en-us/store/apps/perfect-photo-locker/9nblggh16n09.

5) Secret Photos & Videos:

Name says it all, secures your secret images and videos.

This is also a best rated app in Windows store which creates a private area on your Windows mobile.

Secure images, videos, documents and you can also hide them.

Import images and videos from different internet sources and hide them.

Try this picture locker app by visiting microsoft.com/en-us/store/apps/secret-photos-videos/9nblggh0hhvf.


These are the best image locker apps for Windows mobiles. If you know any best gallery locker apps, please share with us through comments.