9 Best Free Online PDF Converters to Convert Any File to PDF

Sometimes we may want to convert a file into a PDF file. That file may be a Word file, Excel file, Presentation or any image or any other file format. So, to convert these files into PDF's, we have many PDF converters online.

In this article, we are going to list out the best Online PDF converters to convert any file to a PDF file.

Please note that, 'Any File' in the title means few convertible files like word file, Excel file, images or anything which can be converted to PDF's.

Let's see few best PDF converters,

1) Free PDF Converter:

A free online PDF converter from Baltsoft Sofware which lets you to convert any file format to PDF file.

You can convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Images and other files to PDF's.

Either upload the file or enter URL of the file which you want to convert.

Please visit freepdfconvert.com to use this tool.

2) Online PDF-Converter:

Another best PDF converter online to convert wide range of files to PDF's.

You can convert Word, Documents, Images, OpenDocument files and many more to a PDF file.

You can also edit, unlock, merge PDF files and depending on the file, you can also set many options like reordering pages, splitting files and many more.

Visit online2pdf.com to use this PDF converter.

3) DocuPub PDF Converter:

This PDF converter tool has conversion settings like PDF compatibility, resolution etc.

Convert many file formats to PDF files.

Easy to upload and convert.

Visit docupub.com/pdfconvert/ to convert files to PDF.

4) Online-Converter.com:

A free PDF converter which lets you to convert most of the file formats to PDF's. Also convert a HTML file to PDF too.

Also convert scanned text pages to searchable PDF file using OCR functionality.

Please visit document.online-convert.com/convert-to-pdf to use this converter.

5) PDFOnline:

Supports many file formats like Word, Excel, PPT, TXT, Images.

Easy to upload and covert to PDF.

Visit pdfonline.com/convert-pdf/.

6) Soda PDF:

If you want to store your converted files online, this can be best choice for you.

Upload files to convert to PDF or PDF to other file formats.

To use this service you have to Sign UP for a free account. Whenever you want to download the files, Sign In and download to your device.

Visit online.sodapdf.com/pdfonline to Sign Up for a free account.

7) To PDF:

You will be amazed to see the file formats topdf.com/formats it supports to convert to PDF files.

You can upload up to 20 files to convert to PDF.

You have to definitely see use this tool once or twice.

Visit topdf.com to use this PDF converter tool.

8) OnlinePDF:

Neatly designed PDF converter to convert various file formats to PDF's or PDF's to other file formats.

Also convert a webpage to a pdf or even rotate a PDF.

Has extra tools to compress PDF's, Merge PDF's, Split PDF's, Unlock PDF's and others.

Visit online-pdf.org to use this tool.

9) Docs.Zone PDF Converter:

Another best PDF converter to convert various files to PDF's.

This tool supports many file formats like Word, PPT's, Excel, Images and many more.

Visit docs.zone to convert files to PDF's.


These are few best PDF converters available online. These are free tools and can be used at any time.

If you know any other tools, please do let us know.