5 Best English Grammar Checking Tools

When people read your article, first preference is given to English grammar (if you wrote in English). If your writings have grammatical mistakes, they will leave your post and eventually your blog or website. Not only for blog posts, if you submit your writings to your boss and finds that there are several English grammar mistakes then that will also be a worst situation.

To avoid those type of situations, you can use these English Grammar Checkers which are free to use.

We have listed the best grammar checking tools for English only.

Lets see the list,

1) Grammarly:

The best of the best grammar checker available for free. It is capable of finding and correcting up to 10 times more mistakes than word processor.

Eliminate sentence errors with suggestions, gives synonyms for the word, find mistakes and corrects them even in your email.

Best grammar checker for bloggers and writers. Create a free account and install its chrome extension for free.

Visit grammarly.com for more information.

2) Reverso:

Reverso Spelling Checker by Ginger is a free grammar checker to check mistakes in your English writing easily.

You can select whether to accept US spellings or UK spellings.Checks the grammar with high accuracy and speed and suggests several corrections.

This tool also checks French grammar.

Visit reverso.net/spell-checker/english-spelling-grammar/ to use this tool.

3) Ginger:

Advanced English grammar checker for offline writings. If you are typing in a word document and want to check grammar, this is for you.

Instantly checks and suggests the correct grammar for the chosen sentence. This grammar checking tool corrects all type of grammar mistakes and boosts your writing productivity.

Download by visiting gingersoftware.com/grammarcheck.

4) OnlineCorrection.com:

Simple grammar checker with different dialects. Choose American, British, Australian, New Zealand and South African languages as dialects.

Gives suggestion for the grammar with explanation. Use auto correct feature to automatically correct possible corrections.

Visit onlinecorrection.com to use this tool.

5) SpellCheckPlus.com:

Another simple English grammar checker online which suggests correct spelling or grammar for wrongly spelled words and written grammar.

It also provides your grammar score to your linguistic performance, show summary of possible errors.

Visit spellcheckplus.com to check spelling and grammar.


These are the best and most trusted grammar checkers for English.

If you know any other best English Grammar Checkers, please suggest to us.