4 Best and Free Instagram Bots to Get Likes and Followers

Many of you want to have more followers and many likes and comments for your Instagram posts. But you have to be famous or popular in your network. But 'What about people who are not famous?' In those cases, people like to use Instagram bots, which will help them to get Instagram likes, followers on Instagram and comments to their Instagram posts.

There are many free and paid Instagram bots to get likes, comments and followers in autopilot.

In this post, we are going to list out some of the best free Instagram services available online which can be used to get auto likes, auto comments and auto followers in real time.

Lets begin the list,

1) Likestagram.com:

First service we recommend for auto-likes and auto-followers for your Instagram account. This service is free and a trusted service to get auto-followers and likes to posts.

You can know all its features by visiting http://likestagram.com/features/.

For creating a new Likestagram account, please visit https://manager.likestagram.com/register.

2) Appz.com:

Another service which helps you to get free Instagram followers, Instagram posts likes and comments.

You get followers or likes or comments based on a specific hashtag. This service is free for basic users, if you want more features, you can go for upgraded version.

Visit https://secure.appz.com/signup.aspx to create a new Appz account.

3) SocialGainer:

Social Gainer is more like mutual helping. When a user likes, follows or comments on other profiles or posts, he/she will get points and get free likes, comments or followers from others.

This service not only limited to Instagram, it can be used to get likes or followers in other Social profiles like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Periscope etc.

To Sign Up for a new account, please visit http://socgain.com and sign in with your Instagram account.

4) TagLiker.com:

According to TagLiker service, this is the first Instagram web Auto-Liker service which guarantees real Instagram followers.

You can use this service on multiple platforms and customize speed, Hashtags and even see live results.


So, these are the best free Instagram bots or services which help Instagram users to get likes, followers and comments. Please note that these services are not tested by us. Be careful before using them.

And also note that, Instagram doesn't like bots, please read theirs ToS.

Note: Please note that we are not affiliated or connected to these services in any way. We are not encouraging our readers or any other individual to use these services to get likes, followers or comments. We just listed these services as the best from other Instagram bots. Please be-careful while using these services as they oppose Instagram ToS.